Why, hello there. I am Kaitlin Green, aka the Green Kat. A female tattooist, fine artist and designer based out of The Wolf Den in Denver, Colorado. ******( look at note at bottom)Creating fine art for 15 years with emphasis on realism and the human form have meshed rather wonderfully with the ever evolving realm of tattooing. Tattooing since 2010, I tour regularly across the US, as well as internationally (when the world is not in a pandemic). My work has primarily focused on pattern design, gathering influences from diverse world cultures and recently I have begun to incorporate more surrealist, experimental and contemporary themes. Which is quite exciting. Here is where we meet. 

At the moment my books are closed to focus on existing clients but when they reopen, I seek my kindred, innovative souls. My hope is that I can facilitate a an experience where we see ourselves as the beautiful warriors that we are. 


The here and how: 

We provide a clean, welcoming safe space for anyone’s transformation. We operate with vegan products and almost all plastic free products ( accounting for some transition time for my personal gear)  to be as earth friendly as possible. I myself am returning after a medical leave which means that my communication channels are a bit backlogged but this will resolve in the coming weeks. I am usually booked out a year or so in advance and provide concept sketches before the tattoo, with the final drawing being shown day of with allowance for any small changes needed. Email is preferred for contact so that I can look back and organize ideas and conversations. Projects that I focus on tend to be geometric, large scale, contemporary, ornamental, blackwork, dotwork, black and grey realism, surrealism, trash polka and illustrative featuring content such as nature, the occult, sacred geometry, and so many more. I take all of these as concepts to collage, compiling final form on skin. 


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