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   Hey Colorado, I am so excited to meet you, I have been tattooing for 7 years and developing my own style of realism and painter esk, I love anything geometric, trash polka, nature, animals, water color, portraits, and if it looks abstract and I painted all over you, thats my jam. All my inks and products are Vegan friendly and up to date, along with ALMOST operating completely plastic free products. I use all biodegradable and earth friendly items to leave less foot prints. I love connecting with humans and being able to create with them, I am typically booked out 6 months at a time, but don't be too bummed, that gives me time to plot your favorite body art piece to be. Thank you for your patience, It truly means a lot that you chose me and our staff and ambiance will truly be worth while because of you. To be transparent I am not great with communication because I am so stacked, so I leave this strength to my book keeper so if I am lucky enough to work with you ,emailing us on here is the best and fastest way for a response. Please read our policies prior so you know how we roll so we are all happy and on same page. 


P.S. I travel often, especially to my favorite islands of Australia, Iceland, and maui, so if you are an out of state friend visiting there is a good chance I guest spot in your home court so follow me on instagram to see where in the world I am, like Carmen San Diego, but less math lol :)

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Ryane is available for sound wave tattoos today