The History of The Den

Thank you for making your way to The Wolf Den!

There are very few powerful pack animals that roam the land, but wolves in particular don't perform in the circus or tolerate nonsense. They love their community and honor each other as they all play an important part in the family with a strong female Alpha to guide them.

We are a private by appointment only tattoo studio to ensure that the studio brings you the highest quality art in an intimate one-on-one setting. Prior to scheduling your appointment, we do ask that you review the artist's portfolios to make certain that we are the best fit for you. We happily encourage scheduling a consultation with you to meet with your artist to get a better feel for a match and how our shop functions.


We strive to provide you with the best customer service and make you feel like you are a part of the pack. We don't just want to be in the industry, we want to break it with a higher plain of expectations.

We use all vegan materials and try our best to be earth friendly. We aren't tree huggers, we just like to bask in the shade of them responsibly.

The shop minimum at The Wolf Den is $100.00.

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