The Herstory of The Den

Thank you for making your way to The Wolf Den!

  The Den Was created out of what the owner and lead artist Ryane Rose saw as a necessity a little over 4 years ago when they had only experienced tattoo street shops that were fully staffed with white Cis heteronormative males, with the very typical toxic masculine energy culture that didn't feel the need to grow and evolve into a more sacred practice, And to be clear we love men, but the energy shift was desperately needed.Ryane opened a small private studio. 

     Fast forward to today, The Wolf Den is now a large store front in Denver proper and Denvers first ALL FEMXLE Studio. And thank goodness the world is catching up along with the tattoo culture. The competition of daily tattoo studios popping up has forced a need to have a higher expectation of what customer service is to stay afloat by like minded shops, but Ryane didn't see it that way, they wanted more, a sacred ecosystem. Not only a high end customer service experience, but a safe place for ALL sexualities, skin tones, gender neutral, gender affirming, nationalities and beyond, a place that volunteers to help its community, and to make a positive impact through human connection and our craft. It is a zero tolerance for hate studio.


   Because of the support of our community and people like you our studio growth has now allotted us an almost an entirely plastic free tattoo process, with all biodegradable earth conscious products, and all vegan inks to protect our planet and its creatures, so we  can continue to  give back and do our part.  

  Lastly, ever since this all started in a small studio, with a big dream, and a handful of artists mindset to change the industry and how we treat humans and the planet, it now has grown into something bigger than us all, We constantly strive to provide you with the best customer service, and body art to make you feel like you are a part of the pack,  We don't just want to be in the industry, we want to break it with a higher plain of expectations.  Thank you from the bottom of our paws, we couldn't have created this space without you and can't wait to see where we go from here. 

Best of 2019 Arvada - Tattoo Shop