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   Each and every artist that works here has been thoughtfully hand selected to add to this sacred space and craft since 2017. Us Wolves at The Den all have our own history in this industry, sadly similar to each other, leaving us in search for a higher level of art and kindness. The tattoo world is slowly changing, but not as fast as we would hope, which is why we take matters such as time, energy, space, safety, kindness, and ever growing art into factor when we book you all as clients. 

    Ryane Rose decided to name this sacred space The Wolf Den for multiple reasons, one main reason is simple, we all 

work stronger together as a unit, and can support each other more often as a collective. Community is one of the main focuses of this space and culture by offering markets, gallery shows, and multiple fundraising events a year to help give back to the city that is helping raise us. 

     Lastly we have found a way as studio to embrace a completely different culture from the norm in the Tattoo industry, by running off of solely vegan products and biodegradable. We are 90% plastic free and finding new ways daily to dial in on our eco ethical compass and cut out any waste that harms our planet. We are so excited to welcome you all into our space, and welcome to The Wolfpack. 

The Wolf Den

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