Day of Appointment

- It is important that you have a decent meal within 2 hours of your appointment. We also encourage bringing snacks and water. Getting tattooed can cause your blood sugar levels to drop and food and water will help you feel better. 

- We do ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. There is paperwork that you will need to fill out similar to a doctor's office. Please take traveling through Denver and RiNo parking into consideration to arrive on time. You can reference the Late Arrival/Cancellation Policy for more information. 

- If you haven't been to the shop before, the space is small. We welcome and love your friends to come for moral support if needed, but we prefer you keep it to one person. If your person becomes a distraction for both yourself and the artist, your friend may be asked to hang out at the front of the shop.

- Please confirm price with your artist prior to your appointment. We accept cash, Venmo and Cash App