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Published artist and cover girl of fashion Magazine Defined for female entrepreneurs 2018

Ryane is available for sound wave tattoos today

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Out Front Magazine recognizing Ryane Urie and her Studio as a safe place for

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Hey Colorado, I love anything geometric, trash polka, nature, animals, water color, faces, and if it looks abstract and I painted all over you, thats my jam. All my inks and products are Vegan friendly and up to date.


P.S. I travel often, anywhere from Australia to maui so if you are an out of state friend visiting there is a good chance I guest spot in your home court so follow me on instagram to see where in the world I am, like Carmen San Diego, but less math lol :)

insta: @ryanetouchedme




I ask for a design deposit before beginning any drawing work, although I'm happy to have a consultation beforehand to see if we are a good fit for each other if you live in the area. The deposit is usually around $100 unless the design is very small or very large (like a sleeve). I can take the deposit via Paypal at the email address  ( or in the form of a mailed check. My tattoo rate is $150 an hour (your deposit goes towards drawing/design time but does not contribute to the hourly rate). 


I do currently have a waitlist so it will be at least a month before I can get to your design. Feel free to just touch base every week or so to see where I'm at and remind me that you're waiting for a design. I'll send you a sketch that we can alter before moving onto the final design, but I do ask that you're mindful of my process - it's much harder to make modifications once a drawing is completed (I do most of my design work by hand), so if you have issues with the drawing, please try to address them in the sketch phase.  


I work out of The Wolf Den Custom Tattoo, located at 3060 Larimer St in RiNo. We take card, but do not have an ATM, so if you'd like to pay cash, please bring it ahead of time, along with a drink and a snack to avoid any low blood sugar :) I also like to wait to schedule our tattoo appointment until we have settled on a final design. 


If you could give me as much information as possible on your design, such as size, placement, color vs. black and white and style (geometric, scientific illustration etc). it will give me the clearest idea on the direction to move with your design. If you don't have specifics in mind, I'm happy to take artistic liberties, but please keep in mind that designing takes time and effort! Also, please familiarize yourself with my style and portfolio before reaching out to me. I generally do not do designs such as mandalas or traditional "sailor jerry" tattoos. 


In commissioning me for this design, unless explicitly stated in our conversation, you may not take this design to another tattoo artist to ink. I work with my clients through the entire tattoo process and at this time do not draw designs only. This tattoo design is intended for your skin only and I will not tattoo your design on anyone else, although unfortunately plagiarism is common in the tattoo industry. I ask that you are respectful of my artwork and of my clients’ desire for original tattoos. 


Let me know if this sounds good and we can move forward! Oh, and if you don’t hear back from me for up to a week, feel free to follow up. Unfortunately my organizational skills are imperfect and sometimes an email slips under the radar. 




Ryane Urie