Booking with the wolf

The Wolf Den currently has a waitlist, so it will be about a month before we can get to your design. 

 - When inquiring about a tattoo, please include as much detail as possible on your design. This would include the sizing, the placement on your body, if you want it grey scale or color, and style (geometric, scientific illustration, trash polka, water color, etc). This will give your artist the clearest idea on the direction to move with your design.

 - You can always send inspiration photos and a list of things that you love that you would like to incorporate into your design.

 - Once we've discussed your design, we will schedule an appointment time and you will need to put down a deposit. Please see out Deposit Policies for more information.

 - Commissioning our artists for this design, unless explicitly stated in any conversations, you may not take this design to another tattoo artist to ink. We work with our clients through the entire process and at this time do not draw designs only. This tattoo design is intended for your skin only and we will not tattoo your design on anyone else. We ask that you are respectful of our artists and their artwork and of our client's desire for original tattoos.

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