Booking with the wolf

First and Foremost we are incredibly excited to collaborate with you.

Our wolves typically book out 3-6 months at a time, but keep their books open. Before you get too discouraged on the time frame, please keep in mind it is a sacred craft and we treat each and every design and client as such and the short time waiting for your turn is not only worth it, but gives the artists space to create your one of a kind custom piece. The artists also realize the wide array of clients and personality types along with possible anxiousness for a life altering decision, and rightfully so, and want to accommodate as much as possible and offer comfort by providing designs ahead of time with a small expedited fee, where typically it isn't shown until day of, this is to help protect the  wolves work life balance, and yours since they are connecting and creating daily on skin un interrupted for you and others that sit in our chair,  and designing off skin for the next amazing human which makes them incredibly busy. Thank you for respecting our boundaries for ourselves and you to help maintain a positive and sacred art space for all.  Email is the best way to connect with us and to expect 48 hour response time, We are not open Sun/Mon as well to keep in mind.  Multiple emails inquiring about the same tattoo slows down our response time a tad due to back tracking so please make your emails clear and limited so we can get to you as soon as possible. We are a high volume studio and can't wait to show you why by setting  clear expectations for us all. 

frequently asked questions

 * How much is the shop minimum? $100.00

*Why is it a 100.00? We use plastic free, and biodegradable products, along with high quality art

* Are touch ups free? Depends on the artist so please ask ahead of time. 

*Do you take walk ins? We do staff to be able too, but first come first serve.

* Do you take Credit cards? Yes, we take cash, venmo, cash app, debit, credit.

* Do you provide after care? Most artists do, but always be prepared for cleaning and maintaining regardless

*Can you price quote designs? Typically not until drawn due to help better understanding of time and detail involved. However simple ones we usually can.