After Care

Congrats on your new piece of art work!!

We at The Wolf Den realize that no matter if this is your first tattoo or your 100th, each artist gives different after care instructions and we just want to make sure you feel safe and confident in your health after you walk out our Den. So we have options for you!! 


Upon leaving you will have an after care sheet handed to you to reference on how to clean and maintain. You will also have the option to purchase a medical product called Second Skin, which was originally made for burn victims and large open wounds (a.k.a. a tattoo) and can keep clean for 12-24 hours without ointments and concern. You can also purchase our in-house vegan after care to avoid messy and chemical based ointments. This way you can keep your active Colorado lifestyle with style!  


Second Skin: 10.00/sheet. After care ointment: 5.00 

Ask the front desk for more info

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