After Care

Congrats on your new piece of art work!!

We at The Wolf Den realize that no matter if this is your first tattoo or your 100th, each artist gives different after care instructions and we just want to make sure you feel safe and confident in your health after you walk out our Den. So we have options for you!! 


   Saniderm after care:  Your artist placed saniderm on top of your new art piece that you will leave on it  for 24 hours, it is water resistant and you are able to shower, your tattoo will "weep" for about 45 mins after your tattoo process and can fill up with plasma and it can appear to be like your own personal lava lamp, this is completely normal along with possible air bubbles or leaking outside of the bandage. you are able to work out with this product and even recommended prior to taking off. once you have hit your 24 hour mark you can take it off and easier to do so in the shower. to take it off you stretch each corner in the opposite direction and work it off. once off, and take your time, wash off all the plasma gently, once out of shower air dry, once dry apply ointment, aquaphore, a small amount spread evenly across entire tattoo. You will repeat this as often as needed for the next week making sure you clean tattooed area prior. 



    + If your tattoo has any redness, irritation, odor, and or puss, please consult a health care professional